“I think the implementation of TRACS4Life in the Tissue Bank at DeKalb Medical could not have proceeded any better. From the first telephone meeting, through all the weekly telephone/online meetings, to the onsite visit, everything happened on time and without any problems. I was very pleased to have several weeks to play around on the demo site. I was able to learn how to use TRACS4Life very quickly--it is an intuitive, user friendly program. It is clear to me that the people involved in developing TRACS4Life have great knowledge of tissues, tissue banking, and all the regulations that apply to tissue banking. Otherwise, TRACS4Life would not be the robust program that it is.”

Leanne Ward, MEd, BB(ASCP)
Technical Specialist, Tissue Bank
DeKalb Medical

Key Features and Functionalities

TRACS4Life provides 100% compliance with the
Joint Commission tissue standards by:
  • Documenting suppliers' FDA registrations, licensures and accreditations
  • Tracking products from receipt to final disposition
  • Recording product quality checks (package integrity, label legibility and temperature)
  • Tracing tissue product issuance, handling, movement and storage temperatures
  • Linking product ID to patient’s clinical record
  • Tracking products used in tissue preparation
  • Completing tissue usage cards automatically
  • Providing comprehensive product recall processes
  • Supplying steps for the investigation of adverse reactions

Critical Functionalities
  • Automated data entry with barcode scanning
  • Provides audit trail that identifies staff members and tasks performed in tissue management process, along with dates and times of actions taken
  • Complete inventory management functionalities, including consignment par levels, total inventory value and product catalogs
  • Visual alert if expired tissue is scanned for issuance and implantation
  • Product inserts, along with other documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) can be posted in software for immediate reference


TRACS4Life™ is developed by Biomedical Synergies, Inc., a professional health care consulting company.
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